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Social Analytics & Personalization Leader GraphDive Closes $2M Equity Round, Sees 10x Growth

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GraphDive, a social analytics and personalization platform today announced that it has closed a $2 million equity round, its first.

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– GraphDive, a social analytics and personalization platform today announced that it has closed a $2 million equity round, its first. Investors include Crosslink Capital, Correlation Ventures, Plug & Play Tech Center, Start Capital and Pejman Nozad. The company’s analytics and personalization platform has seen 10x growth over the past three months.

Co-founded in 2011 by Sina Sohangir and Shahram Seyedin-Noor, GraphDive has developed a disruptive technology that provides businesses with deep, actionable insights to drive future marketing campaigns, personalize online offers and segment their users. Most businesses have little idea how to harness the social data revolution to tangibly impact their bottom line. GraphDive is the first company to ride the wave of social login tools such as Facebook Connect to provide deep user analytics for the enterprise via a simple API and enterprise dashboard. Its trifecta of offerings include (1) a personalization widget/API, (2) user segmentation tools and reporting, and (2) a digital advertising solution to drive higher ROI on social ad spending.

At the heart of the GraphDive platform is its proprietary concept graph that interprets social media chatter to discover actionable insights on users. Using social data shared via Facebook Connect, GraphDive can infer a user’s age, education, marital status and income with up to 95% accuracy. It also creates a detailed interest graph for each user (i.e., if you talk about Wimbledon and Rafael Nadal, GraphDive infers your interest in tennis) that it can then map against any product, content or services catalog for personalized offers.

Co-founder/CTO Sina Sohangir, a Stanford PhD, explained: “Creating a semantic technology that can easily, reliably and accurately parse billions of social data points and create a clean user interest graph is a non-trivial task. We have invested significantly in creating the best solution on the market that can really drive ROI for our customers.”

GraphDive launched at the end of last year after raising over $1 million in initial funding. Since then, the company has seen explosive growth in its API usage. GraphDive is used by Fortune 500 companies, leading online businesses and mobile apps. Co-founder and CEO Shahram Seyedin-Noor added: “The bottom line is that clients want actionable user insights that drive engagement and revenues. We offer a suite of personalization and analytics products to address that need directly. We are excited about our growth and the value we deliver to both consumers and online businesses every day.”

About GraphDive
GraphDive helps businesses learn more about their users through actionable insights. Its Big Data analytics and personalization platform parses through billions of social data points to infer each user’s age, income, education, marital status and top interests. GraphDive powers social analytics for Fortune 500 companies serving millions of users every day.

Original Release: BusinessWire

Image: Courtesy GraphDive

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