Spanish DBpedia Launched

A new article reports, "After months of gratuitous hard work and cooperation by higher education students and experts, the Spanish version of DBpedia, also known as the Spanish Semantic Wikipedia, has finally come into being. The Spanish DBpedia contains 70 million data that account for 80% of the information in the Spanish Wikipedia and now rivals other languages like English or French… DBpedia is a project for extracting Wikipedia data and building a semantic version of this Internet encyclopaedia. It is a community effort for extracting structured information from the Wikipedia and making it accessible on the Web."

It continues, "This information is generated by executing mapping documents that specify how data are mapped to the Semantic Web language (RDF) according to vocabularies commonly used by a large number of organizations. The RDF language is a World Wide Web consortium standard for data representation on the Web and is the groundwork of the Data Web (for more information, listen to Oscar Corcho explaining the initiative during a panel discussion on Spanish National Radio)."

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Image: Courtesy DBpedia