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Split Launches Feature Experimentation Platform to Unify Continuous Delivery

By   /  November 16, 2017  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

According to a recent press release, “Split, the company with the mission to empower enterprises to make smarter product decisions, today launched the Split Feature Experimentation Platform, a unified solution for continuous delivery and full-stack experimentation. Available today, the Split Feature Experimentation Platform offers enterprises a secure way to roll out software, target specific features to customers, and measure and analyze the impact of features on key metrics. The Split Feature Experimentation Platform is the only offering that can ingest and process the full spectrum of an organization’s product metrics and tie them back to actual features within the product.”

The release goes on, “Continuous delivery stemmed from the need for developers to rapidly iterate on software features as they push them out to customers. Simultaneously, product management teams adopted lean development concepts, such as customer feedback loops and A/B testing to gain an inbound stream of information. This two-way flow of features going out and information coming in forms one end-to-end process for continuous feature experimentation which spans rapid iteration, safe rollouts through gradual exposure of features, and telemetry to measure the impact of these features on customer experience. The outcome is that modern product development teams need to start treating continuous delivery and experimentation (i.e. a more generic term for A/B testing) as two sides of the same coin.”

Read more at Globe Newswire.

Photo credit: Split

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