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Sponsor Spotlight Column: An Interview with Embarcadero Technologies

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edw2013-sponsor-spotlightby Charles Roe

In an effort to leverage the knowledge of several of the top minds in the Data Management industry, DATAVERSITY™ has been conducting a series of interviews on some of the most relevant topics in the field today. Recently, we interviewed Embarcadero Technologies, the creators of a number of award-winning software tools for database professionals and application developers.

Embarcadero Technologies is a Silver Sponsor at the Enterprise Data World 2013 Conference in San Diego, CA from April 28-May 2, 2013.

The Sponsor Spotlight Column (and its parallel venture the Speaker Spotlight Column) is an ongoing project that focuses on highlighting several of the central issues represented at the many Data Management conferences produced by DATAVERSITY.

The primary emphasis of the interview was to question Anand Rao Vala and Embarcadero Technologies on their current work and history within the industry, with particular importance on the products and/or services being highlighted at the upcoming conference:

DATAVERSITY (DV): Please tell us a little about you and your company (e.g. brief history, industry focus, primary product line etc.)?

Embarcadero Technologies (ET): Embarcadero Technologies is an established company founded in 1993 and taken public in 2000. In 2007, in a strategic move to reinvest in key technologies to better serve new and existing customers, Embarcadero was taken private by Thoma Bravo. Since that time, company revenue has doubled. Our products are used by 3.2 million customers around the world. Our customer base is served by 500 employees located in 29 countries. A key strength of Embarcadero Technologies is our focus on reinvestment, research and development across all product lines. We work with 230 engineers located in 5 R&D Centers of Excellence in key locations. R&D design and management work is driven from our Development Office in the Silicon Valley area of California, USA. Our executive leadership team brings hundreds of years of very valuable experience to the company, and to the benefit of our customers.

DV: What’s your company elevator pitch?

ET: Embarcadero’s tenure as a leading technology organization, as well as our strategic R&D investments, allow us to give customers high quality tools that help them design, develop, distribute, and manage data and related applications on an enterprise scale. To Design – ER/Studio is the fastest way to engineer, analyze and optimize database and data warehouse structures with innovative and intuitive functionality. To Develop – RAD Studio is the developer force multiplier and the fastest way to build data-rich, visually engaging applications for Windows 8, Mac, Web and mobile. To Distribute – AppWave is the only purpose-built enterprise app store for PC software. To Manage – DB PowerStudio helps streamline DBA tasks, and reduce errors so you can manage larger, more complex databases with more users.

DV: What will you be highlighting or showcasing at EDW2013? Are you planning any product releases or announcements this year at Enterprise Data World?

ET: We will be showcasing our recently launched ER/Studio XE3 product suite and how it enables Data Governance and Enterprise Data Modeling enterprise initiatives.

DV: What’s the unique selling proposition of your product or service versus your competitors?  What do you do that nobody else does (or better than anyone else)?

ET: ER/Studio gives data professionals easy to use capabilities that are recognized as the fastest way to engineer, analyze, and optimize database and data warehouse structures with innovative and intuitive functionality.

A large proportion of ER/Studio customers migrate from other data modeling tools which, we are told, are considered to be more difficult to use and less functionally current.

DV: Why should the Enterprise Data World attendees stop by your booth this year?

ET: We will be demonstrating and taking questions on our newly launched version of ER/Studio. Steve Hoberman, an industry luminary has just written a book on Data Modeling with ER/Studio. He will be signing copies of his book at our booth. We will be having a surprise raffle for a highly desirable consumer/enterprise product. We will be giving away free whitepapers to those who register with us.

DV: What do you see as the most significant trend happening at this time within the Data Management industry?

ET: We see data governance as an important and growing challenge as companies try to manage and do more with data to remain competitive while simultaneously complying with standards and regulations and obtain reductions in IT spend. Previous stalled efforts at Data Governance will be looked at again. The key to Data Governance is in the assessment and planning stage where the initiative is scoped and sized, risk properly assessed and opportunities and existing assets uncovered.

DV: How is this going to affect your particular business focus?   How does your product/service address that trend?

ET: Putting data governance principles into practice requires communication and coordination. By building an Enterprise Information Map, our customers extend understanding of the what, why, how, who and where of enterprise information beyond the architecture team to data owners and users.  So if you are looking at a governance policy you can see the application it applies to and you see which tables actually participate. Similarly, if you are looking at a table in some system you can easily see which policies govern the data, process or app.

Metadata governance provides the essential collaboration layer to the Enterprise Information Map so that all stakeholders – the Data Architect, the Data Steward, the Data SME, the Data Analyst and the Governance team are able to share and collaborate on the information.

Metadata Syndication puts that map to work, adding metadata and governance awareness to workflows across the Embarcadero product portfolio and the implementation lifecycle

DV: What’s the next thing that your company will be working on in its products?

ET: Working on an enhanced Data Governance tool called Connect that will enhance the collaborative authoring of business metadata, create an enterprise data source registry and map models to data sources

DV: What’s the NEXT big thing in Data Management?

ET: Modeling of Big Data / No SQL databases allows all the unstructured and semi-structured enterprise data to be governed resulting in better decision making as well as comprehensive compliance to industry regulations.

DV: What is something noteworthy or uniquely interesting about your company that most attendees and readers may not know about, but that you would like them to know?

ET: More than 90 of the Fortune 100 companies use our products, along with 97% of the Global 2000 companies.


If you are interested in more information about sponsors and exhibitors at EDW2013 see the full listing at: http://edw2013.dataversity.net/sponsors.cfm

About Enterprise Data World:

Enterprise Data World is the business world’s most comprehensive educational event about data and information management. Over five days, EDW presents a diverse schedule of programming that addresses every level of proficiency, including keynotes, workshops, tutorials, case studies, and discussions.

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