Spotlight on Callimachus

One of the many innovative semantic solutions that was presented at this week’s SemTech conference is Callimachus, a linked data management system that “allows Web authors to quickly and easily create semantically-enabled Web applications with a minimal knowledge of Semantic Web principles.” According to Bernadette Hyland, Callimachus is the first system of its kind.

According to the company, “Callimachus debuted at SemTech 2010 when it was just an RDF editor running in a browser. In the last year the project has matured into an application-building and hosting environment for Linked Data. Web authors can upload RDF data and use wiki-like editing functionality to create complicated Linked Data applications. Callimachus applications consist of Web page templates marked up with RDFa.”

The following introduction to Callimachus provides a brief description of how to get started with Callimachus.

A number of other videos are also available on the Callimachus website.

Image: Courtesy Callimachus