Sprylogics Announces Release of Next Generation Poynt Product with Built-In Sharing

sprylogicsTORONTO, Feb. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Sprylogics International Corp. ("Sprylogics") (TSXV: SPY), a technology provider of local mobile search and messaging solutions for consumers and businesses announces the availability of its next generation Poynt mobile app, combining the power of local search with sharing, via a single app.

This new product is the result of integrating the power of Poynt's local search content technology with Sprylogics' semantic data aggregation and natural language processing capabilities, resulting in a unique consumer App that offers the richness of web content, coupled with the convenience of sharing with friends when there is intent to search or plan. According to research, over one third of messaging contains intent to make plans, discover places, seek more information and discuss food. Poynt captures this intent, and allows users to share it with their friends.

The Poynt App aggregates content that is relevant to the most commonly searched subjects enabling users to discover, view, call, discuss and share movies, restaurants, businesses, pictures and videos, as well as make reservations, find the lowest gas prices, book events and add to their calendar and contacts. Now, users can simply swipe to share any searched content directly with their friends via new "Poynt-to-Poynt" user messaging functionality as well as Twitter, Facebook, Email or SMS, all without leaving the App.

The new Poynt is available now on the iOS platform, and future versions will be rolled out on other platforms.

About Sprylogics

Sprylogics International Corp. enables telecom operators, messaging and mobile application providers to introduce new revenue streams into their apps with its "Poynt-Enabled" SDK.  "Poynt-Enabled" brings monetization related to the user's search intent, while increasing loyalty, engagement and usage activity levels. Sprylogics semantically aggregates and distributes useful local content by making it searchable via its patented geographical and contextual targeting technology.

Visit Sprylogics at www.sprylogics.com, or follow @poynt on Twitter. Download the Poynt App on your smartphone athttp://m.poynt.com.

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Image: Courtesy Sprylogics