Sprylogics Focusing on Answer Engine, Liquid Messaging

Sprylogics International has had an interesting year. The company recently shared an update of some of the most significant developments: "The Company has focused heavily in Research and Development over the past year related to the core semantic 'Answer Engine' technology as well as the Liquid Messaging Mobile Application and SDK. As the products approach market readiness, the Company has begun showcasing the products to both sophisticated industry insiders, as well as casual users.  We are extremely encouraged with the reception."

The article continues, "In August, The Company initiated a closed 'Friends and Family' release of the IOS version of the Facebook enabled Liquid Messaging Application. The reaction to the product has been highly positive and as a result the Company has now expanded the trial to a broader audience.   We plan to release both the IOS and Android versions of the product in the respective application stores and through distribution partners during the fall of this year. This final release version is anticipated to include the Company's proprietary 'Answer Engine' technology in addition to our existing search and content partners."

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Image: Courtesy Sprylogics