Sprylogics Launches Search & Content Aggregation Platform for Messaging

According to a recent release out of the company, "Sprylogics International Corp. today announced the launch of its advanced search and content aggregation platform, which enables operators to add search and content aggregation features to any of its messaging services, from SMS to Rich Communication Services (RCS). Operators can integrate the platform into their messaging application which allows users to discover, share and discuss information and activities with friends, get directions, and more. Now, operators can maintain or increase the messaging revenue that has been recently decreasing."

The article continues, "Sprylogics' platform allows information to be searched directly inside the messaging app, instead of users leaving the app to look information up on Wikipedia, a search platform, YouTube and more. For example, a user could search for local movie showing times, share it to a friend and find directions to the theatre -- all without leaving the operator's messaging app. Or if a user wanted to see a live concert, they could search for tickets, share them with friends and purchase them immediately from the same app, enabling operators to benefit from mobile transactions."

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Image: Courtesy Sprylogics