Sprylogics' Semantic Search Tech Will Be Added to 2ya Facebook Chat Application

A recent article out of Sprylogics reports that the company's "semantic search technology will be integrated into its chat and search application, 2ya for Facebook in the coming weeks.  The Company's proprietary semantic search technology will be integrated into both the IOS and Android versions of the 2ya application, both of which are currently available for download internationally. Over the last year, the Company has concentrated on evolving its semantic technology into an answer engine that can be easily embedded within mobile applications."

It goes on, "To support this initiative, the technology leverages numerous  sources of information, including wikipedia/dbpedia, freebase as well as sources of  general knowledge that are available in unstructured repositories across the web. This modelling of human language has been applied both to input queries as well as to the understanding of unstructured information in order to best provide explicit answers to questions. The first examples of this technology were tested and then unveiled to the public last year through our private beta of the ask.cluuz.com engine."

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Image: Courtesy Sprylogics