Sprylogics to Add Semantics to PCS Phones

Sprylogics has made a deal with PCS Wireless "to add value to the devices [PCS] distributes using Sprylogics technology and application. PCS provides strategic distribution of well over 3 million mobile products annually. Sprylogics and PCS Wireless intend to add value to those devices utilizing Sprylogics' Liquid Messaging Application throughout North America across PCS's Android device portfolio. Sprylogics has a Facebook integrated version of Liquid Messaging, allowing a user to chat, perform mobile searches and share results (including movies, restaurants, and local businesses) with their Facebook friends as well as other Liquid Messaging users over Sprylogic's proprietary protocol."

The article continues, "Sprylogics also announced that it will begin a closed 'Friends and Family' Beta for its iPhone version of Liquid Messaging later this month. 'Sprylogics Liquid Messaging solution is incredibly compelling for all players within the mobile ecosystem as well as consumers' says Ben Nash, CEO of PCS Wireless. 'Both Search and Messaging are two of the most common activities on mobile phones today. By integrating search into messaging, mobile users can now easily coordinate, make plans and share information. It's truly a turnkey solution. And built on top of Facebook, the solution provides a differentiated messaging experience that gives you access to all of your friends immediately'."

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photo credit: Sprylogics