Stéphane Corlosquet Talks About Drupal 7

We've been covering the release of Drupal 7 for a while and we noticed that Stéphane Corlosquet gave an interview this week regarding the recent release of Drupal 7, the CMS product used to power over 1% of the world’s websites. Updates in Drupal 7 include additions of semantic web technologies, and Stephane is a major factor behind these updates.

An important change in Drupal 7 is the incorporation of the RDFa standard. In the interview, Stéphane comments that adding RDFa was the “next logical step beyond XHTML.” When asked about the concerns of many web developers regarding the complexity of adopting semantic technologies, Stéphane replied:

“Semantic Web technologies don’t have to be complicated when applied to simple use cases! We purposely chose only of a subset of semantic web technologies to integrate into the core of Drupal, keeping the learning curve for the Drupal developers and users as low as possible.”

Stéphane has contributed several patches to the Drupal core and is a member of the Drupal security team. Last year, Stéphane gave an excellent overview of his work with Drupal in a webcast.