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Stop Making Mistakes with Your Data Governance

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data governance x300Leveraging an enterprise’s data assets in a practical and advantageous means is complicated; a reliable Data Governance program is tantamount to success. According to the article, “data governance is, simply, an organizing framework that aligns strategy, defines objectives, and establishes policies for enterprise information. As promising as that might sound, data governance has failed in more than one well-meaning company because people misinterpreted its meaning, its value, and the shape it would eventually take. Once data governance becomes a dirty word, an organization rarely gets a second chance.”

It continues forward by discussing five major mistakes to avoid when trying to start and run a Data Governance program, including Treating Data Governance as a Project: “In a well-intended effort to fix what’s broken, many companies will announce a data governance “project” with flourish and fanfare. When data governance is formed as a discrete effort, however, instead of being “baked in” to existing processes, it will fail. When an initiative is deemed a project, it is, by definition, finite. The reality of data governance is that it should be continuous and systemic. As information needs change, data volumes increase, and new data enters the organization via new systems or third parties, decisions about how to treat, access, clean and enforce rules about data will not only continue, they’ll proliferate. A structured, formal, and permanent process should be retrofitted into the way a company develops its data and conducts its business.”

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