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StreamGlider iPad News Reader App Will Evolve To Help Businesses Correlate Diverse Data Sets

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The latest version of the StreamGlider iPad news reader app for providing consumers with topic-oriented streams of information debuted this week. It brought with it the capability to limit hashtag or keyword searches in a Twitter, YouTube, or Flickr frame to a local area and turn on geo-awareness at the user’s request. But the bigger and more semantic event will be StreamGlider’s upcoming move to the enterprise, with the consumer app serving as a showcase to those potential customers.

StreamGlider CEO Bill McDaniel – also CEO of SemantiStar, which developed the application that The Semantic Web Blog first covered here and here – says to expect in the enterprise edition a very interesting semantic search/semantic relations engine in the background for correlating up to three data sets of semi-structured, unstructured and structured data. The company already is working with one client on a specific application of the generic technology for its custom needs, and talking to a second customer about a pilot around the idea.

The feature plays to the app’s topics focus. For example, there might be different terms and language used in manufacturing among the data sets of suppliers providing parts, those who need them, and the industry’s formal descriptions – but all those are still about the same topic. StreamGlider will bring it all together to users by employing existing domain ontologies or taxonomies that feed back to the application, to facilitate connections across the data sets. “We’re going to deliver that information through our iPad app and ultimately onto other apps, and we’ll also have a standard web app as well,” McDaniel says.

The new geo-location support, he thinks, has applicability for the enterprise, too. As it tailors that capability and makes it a bit smarter, he expects it can be used, for example, to help mobile or field workers find resources such as local offices or on-site tools. “We can ultimately extend geo-awareness to solving those sorts of problems.”

The application is doing well in the app store, he says, but the consumer news reader app space has become too crowded to count on that as the mainstay of a significant and successful company. “The enterprise approach lets us really do something that other news readers or information deliverers are not doing,” he says. “We actually are out there trying to address information delivery issues behind the firewall and through the firewall and give those in an organization something that is useful, mobile, and now that we’re looking at adding more semantics to the back-end, more intelligent too.”

McDaniel is partners in StreamGlider with co-founder Nova Spivack, also CEO of Bottlenose, and co-founder John Breslin, DERI researcher, NUI Galway lecturer,  and founder of New Tech Post.


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