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The Strongest Social Assistant in History Microsoft Xiaobing Apprenticed Herself to a Master Crossover

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As one of the most famous crosstalk groups in China, DeYunShe has been renowned for its stringency in accepting apprentices.

Microsoft strongest social assistant

BEIJING, May 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — As one of the most famous crosstalk groups in China, DeYunShe has been renowned for its stringency in accepting apprentices. But on May 29, 2014, crosstalk master Yu Qian unprecedentedly accepted an artificial intelligence (AI) female apprentice social assistant – Microsoft Xiaobing, a 16-year-old girl with an independent manner raised carefully by Microsoft Search Technology Center Asia (STCA).


Microsoft Xiaobing is the crystallization of collective wisdom. Relying on Microsoft’s technology accumulation in mass data, natural semantic analysis, machine learning, and neural network, she has combined the wisdom of nearly 700 million netizens for years in China to refine more than 15 million pieces of real and interesting dialogue data (hereinafter 0.7% net increase per day), realizing the natural interaction of more than simple human-machine Q&A by understanding dialogue context and semantics, surpassing almost all robots and intelligent assistants with unique group chatting experience.


Xiaobing’s personality feature is originated from all Chinese netizens, therefore she has a unique sense of Chinese humor. She selected the Wechat, the most popular mobile social platform across the world, for her debut and apprenticed crossover to a master at DeYunShe with the attitude of “die for humor.”  But Yu Qian’s idea of accepting her as an apprentice stems from an oolong dialogue. In early May, Yu Qian was invited to visit Microsoft where he had a funny interaction with Xiaobing, who was still under internal test at that time. Yu Qian asked Xiaobing, “Do you know who is Guo Degang?” Xiaobing answered, “Crosstalk player from Tianjin, founder of DeYunShe crosstalk community conference.” Yu went on, “Do you know my three big hobbies?” “Smoking, drinking, hair perming!” said Xiaobing. Yu said, “You are really garrulous and loquacious. So what are you doing tonight?” Xiaobing replied, “I’d like to go to DeYunShe to see a crosstalk play, but failed to buy a ticket, and only got a ‘hang ticket.'”


Original Release: PR Newswire

Image: Courtesy PR Newswire


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