Structured Dynamics Unveils structOntology

Mike Bergman recently commented on the newly unveiled structOntology, an application from Structured Dynamics. Bergman writes, “Its ontology manager application within the conStruct open source semantic technology suite. We are doing so via a video, which provides a bit more action about this exciting new app. structOntology has been on our radar for more than two years. But, it was only in embracing the OWLAPI some eight months back that we finally saw our way clear to how to implement the system.”

Bergman continues, “The app, superbly developed by Fred Giasson, has many notable advantages — some of which are covered by the video — but two deserve specific attention:  1) the superior search function (if you have been using Protégé or similar, you will love the fact this search indexes everything, courtesy of Solr); and 2) the availability of its functionality directly within the applications that are driven by the ontologies. Of course, there’s other cool stuff too!”

Watch a video introduction to structOntology here.

Image: Courtesy Stuctured Dynamics