T-Mobile's Genius Button Gets Smarter

Kevin Fitchard of GigaOM reports, "T-Mobile is giving its rather pathetic MyTouch voice-command feature a much-needed overhaul. It’s incorporating the same semantic-search technology Nuance uses in Dragon Go into Genius, allowing the voice assistant to search over 200 different content providers and understand intent rather than just words."

He explains, "Anyone who has ever owned a T-Mobile MyTouch is familiar with the little button on the lower right-hand corner labeled with stylized “G.” It’s T-Mobile’s Genius button, which, once pushed, allows you to issue basic voice commands from calling or texting a contact to searching the web or Google Maps. If you’ve used it before then you know: Siri it’s not."

Fitchard goes on, "But T-Mobile has given Genius a much-needed overhaul, at least on the latest versions of the MyTouch manufactured by Huawei. Nuance Communications, which powers the voice-recognition features on T-Mobile devices, is upgrading Genius’ capabilities and the features of the Genius service, providing a deeper level of natural-language understanding and integrating the service with a much broader array of content sources beyond Maps and Google Search."

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Image: Courtesy T-Mobile