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Semantic Advertising at Facebook

Colin Jeavons of Media Post reports, “Social networks hold a bounty of consumer information, and features like Facebook’s Graph and hashtags, when combined with semantic search technology, will make it possible to unearth new connections and micro-target ad campaigns.”

Big Data & Retailers: Getting A Little Creepy?

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by Angela Guess Paula Rosenblum of Forbes recently wrote, “Let’s take a look at the ‘Creepy Continuum.’  My partner Nikki Baird often talks about consumer willingness to trade privacy for relevancy. If you think about it, we’re all somewhat willing. A simple example: Serving up commercials to me about acne medication is a waste of…

DG Acquires Peer39 for $15.5M

Jason Del Rey of Ad Age reports, “DG, a traditional-TV ad delivery company that moved into the online-ad space with last year’s acquisition of MediaMind, has acquired semantic ad-targeting startup Peer39 in a deal that could reach $15.5 million in cash and stock.”

Semantic Ad Targeting: FTC Do Not Track Talk May Increase Its Attractiveness, But Hopes Are Agency Proceeds With Caution

There’s a whole lot of privacy discussion going on at the federal level, with the Federal Trade Commission proposing a Do Not Track browser option. The idea is that consumers could limit cookies or other sniffers that open the door to tracking their browsing behavior for the purpose of delivering online ads. It’s the do-not-follow…