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The Most Advanced Face Detection Algorithm Yet

285/365 Faces of the Boardroom

by Angela Guess The MIT Technology Review reports, “Back in 2001, two computer scientists, Paul Viola and Michael Jones, triggered a revolution in the field of computer face detection. After years of stagnation, these guys’ breakthrough was an algorithm that could spot faces in an image in real time. Indeed, the so-called Viola-Jones algorithm was…

Using Big Data to Find Entrepreneurs Before They Start Companies?

budding entrepreneur

by Angela Guess Priska Neely of NPR reports, “With predictive analytics, Amazon can figure out what you’ll buy next, Netflix knows what you’ll watch next and Target can guess if you’re pregnant. In the world of venture capitalism, some firms have used predictive analytics to try to figure out which startups to invest in to…

Big Data, Accurate Data Models, & the Vietnam War

Vietnam War Memorial

by Angela Guess Jonathan Salem Baskin of Forbes recently wrote, “When the last helicopter rose above the American embassy in Saigon on April 29, 1975, the US had been winning the Vietnam War for over a decade. The data said so. The strategy had been driven by a simple hypothesis, proven by history: Wars were…