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IBM Expands Its Already Largest Portfolio of Cognitive APIs


by Angela Guess IBM recently wrote in Scientific Computing, “IBM expanded the industry’s largest and most diverse set of cognitive APIs, technologies and tools for developers who are creating products, services and applications embedded with Watson. The announcement was made by IBM during its forum on cognitive computing and Artificial Intelligence, where the company announced…

Dynamic APIs: Negotiating Change

dave duggal

by Dave Duggal IT departments expose functionality via software interfaces to a wide variety of applications, micro-services, systems, databases, devices and machines. Such interfaces are generally referred to as APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). The use of APIs has exploded with the growth of distributed computing driven by the popularity of the Web, Cloud and now…

Updating Your Data Strategy Requires a Shift in Thinking


by Angela Guess Matt Graney recently wrote for Information Management, “While 74 percent of today’s business executives say their company has a digital strategy, only 19 percent of executives believe their firms have the right technology to properly execute on the digital strategy, according to a recent Forrester Research report… So where do they start?…

The Top 10 Machine Learning APIs


by Angela Guess Janet Wagner recently wrote for Programmable Web, “Machine learning is everywhere these days… Right now, Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft are the biggest players battling to dominate the very fast-growing machine learning cloud services market. IBM further strengthened its position in the market with the recent acquisition of AlchemyAPI, a leading deep…

Expect Watson Powered Apps to Come to the Cloud Soon


by Angela Guess A recent article out of IBM reports, “Next generation leaders push themselves everyday to answer this key question: How can my organization make a difference? IBM is helping deliver the answer with new apps that are powered by Watson from Ecosystem Partners to improve the quality of life – from better managing health…

Five NLP APIs to Watch

Patricio Robles of Programmable Web recently discussed how natural language processing or NLP technologies are simplifying data and customer interactions for many large businesses.