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WibiData Launches WibiEnterprise 3.0 Big Data Platform


by Angela Guess Darryl K. Taft of eWeek reports, “WibiData, provider of a big data app development platform, has launched WibiEnterprise 3.0, an enterprise software platform for developing and deploying real-time big data applications. WibiData said WibiEnterprise 3.0 bridges the gap between Hadoop and the application layer, enabling enterprises to connect consumer applications with real-time, data-driven features like personalized content,…

RPI Professor Uses a Wine Pairing App as a Teaching Tool

Professor Deborah McGuinness of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has tinkered for years with applications designed to help people pair the right wine with the right food. McGuinness has used her applications, which she has been toying with since the mid 80s, to help her classes understand the basics of web ontologies. Her latest app is “an exceptional example of what the future of the World Wide Web, often called Web 3.0, might in fact look like.”