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AlchemyAPI’s New Face Detection And Recognition API Boosts Entity Information Courtesy Of Its Knowledge Graph

by Jennifer Zaino AlchemyAPI has released its AlchemyVision Face Detection/Recognition API, which, in response to an image file or URI, returns the position, age, gender, and, in the case of celebrities, the identities of the people in the photo and connections to their web sites, DBpedia links and more. According to founder and CEO Elliot…

Election 2012: The Semantic Recap

There’s no such thing as too much post-election coverage, is there? Alright, maybe there is. But we couldn’t let things die down without at least a nod to those in our space that have delivered the semantic industry’s own take on the topic. Here are a few you may want to review: Twitris Election Insights:…

Closing In On A Million Open Government Data Sets

A million data sets. That’s the number of government data sets out there on the web that we have closed in on. “The question is, when you have that many, how do you search for them, find them, coordinate activity between governments, bring in NGOs,” says James A. Hendler, Tetherless World Senior Constellation Professor, Department…

A Semantic-based Essay as the Result for a Web Search


Major search engines have one main type of result – a list of links to matching Web sources. There are many enhancements on top of it, but the core premise remains the same:  a search result consists of a set of individual pages. The user is expected to drill down into individual sources. An alternative type of result is suggested: an essay compiled of a number of relevant and ordered sentences. The search engine in this case parses Web sources, understands their semantics, and creates an overall summary of the topic. The idea is to save the user time by providing a quick overview of the topic. A Web sentiment analysis application based on semantic analysis is introduced.

Semantic Technologies Really Do Pay Off


As the former Chief Information Officer of Europe’s largest internet bank, Egg plc, the decision to select semantic technologies to underpin the launch of my next large scale consumer business, Garlik (www.garlik.com), was not one I took lightly.