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Approaching Mobile Data Governance as a Team

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by Angela Guess Jason Hannula of Midsize Insider recently wrote, “Data governance is a fundamental component of both data security and regulatory compliance. While it may not be the most exciting part of data management, it is essential. The explosive rate of mobile device adoption at midsize firms has pushed business data beyond most governance models. Mobile data…

Getting the Most Out of Big Data


by Angela Guess Howard Baldwin of Forbes recently wrote, “The big data phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down. Like any good journalist looking for blood in the water, I’m waiting for the backlash, just as we’ve seen with other new technologies, such as BYOD. But there’s been nothing but good news. Even in Forbes this week,…

IT as a Service?

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by Angela Guess Bart Copeland of GigaOM recently shared his thoughts on what IT departments need to do to redefine themselves in this new era of BYOD. He writes, “Today’s IT departments face an identity crisis. Technology is an integral part of every single business process, and has come to dominate the lives of consumers…