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Helping Citizen Searches For Government Services

By 2016, ABI Research has it, as much as $114 billion could be saved worldwide through the implementation of online e-government services. It predicted that investment in these services is set to increase from $28 billion in 2010 to $57 billion in 2016, and that the number of users will nearly triple over the forecast…

Navigating The World Of Open Data On The Web

At a session discussing open data on the web at the Semantic Technology and Business Conference last week, W3C eGov consultant Phil Archer had this to say: That in his mind and the minds of the semantic web technology business people gathered at the event, “Open data is strongly associated with Linked Data, but the…

CKAN Data Hubs Around the World

Mark Wainwright of CKAN reports, “The last few months have seen a lot of activity in Open Data round the world, and a corresponding clutch of new CKAN data hubs and portals in Austria, Brazil, the US, and elsewhere.”

LOD Cloud Updated – Time to Change Your Slide Decks!

Anyone who has seen a slide presentation on Semantic Web, Linked Data, or related technologies, has most likely seen the Linking Open Data (LOD) Cloud diagram. Since its debut in 2007, the diagram has grown to its current size which includes 295 datasets in the form of a connected cloud. The data sets in the…

Semantics in the Public Library

A recent article from LibConf.com discusses the implementation of semantic web technologies in public libraries. The article begins, “Why do we need a new Web? We often forget the kinds of problems we have with the tools available to us, such as high recall and low precision with Google. The web is very vocabulary dependent. Today’s Web search engines do not group web pages, pull out concepts, or understand them. There is no access to the deep web.”