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Semantic Web Jobs: RightNow and Apple

RightNow is looking for a Computational Linguist in California: “As a computational linguist you will work on the intersection of linguistics and computer science. The ideal candidate understands the structure of languages and is able to encode linguistic information for automated processing.

Open Jobs in Semantics

NexGen Solutions is looking for a Lead Web Developer in San Francisco, CA. The responsibilities of this position include, “Lead web development of core features for a next generation analytics and reports application focused on the life sciences domain. Define and drive the overall web architecture, including integration of semantically structured healthcare and biomedical content and user-contributed content. Lead developer of the web application tier, including selection and use of web frameworks and horizontally-scalable system architectures as appropriate. Responsible for architecture and scalability of application tier and for guiding the team’s designs with an eye toward scalability issues. Design and development of core application features, adapting from best-of-breed Web 2.0 examples whenever possible.”

Hot Jobs in Semantics

The Semantics Technology and Applications Research Laboratory (STARLab) at Vrije Universiteit Brussel is offering a Junior Research Position in the field of knowledge management, open data, and linked data: “The candidate will be working on the Open Semantic Cloud for Brussels (OSCB) project funded by the Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation