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Solving Big Data Problems

Rubik's Cube Collection

by Angela Guess Clive Longbottom of Computing recently pointed out that Big Data can lead to big insights, but it can also lead to big problems and misunderstandings. He explains, “If an organisation is sitting on top of 10 databases, each of which is 100TB in size, it has a big data issue, right? Not…

Big Data will Take Companies Beyond ‘Extend & Contain’

by Angela Guess Jim Giles claims that Big Data technologies will “completely change the way we think about computing.” He writes, “For the last 40 years, since the relational database changed the world, we have settled for an approach of ‘extend and contain’ centered on the relational model. We ‘extend’ by developing new technology to…

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Strengthening the Four Pillars of the Advanced Enterprise through Semantics; Data, Processes, Resources, and Access


Data management, process management, access management, and resource management form the four pillars of the advanced computing enterprise. This includes critical technologies such as databases, web services & service oriented architectures (SOA), mobile devices, and cloud computing. Semantics helps adapt and unify them to your current enterprise to allow rapid adoption and effective use.