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Automated Planning as a Semantic Technology


This article describes the world of automated planning from the perspective of semantic technologies. It starts with background information on automated planning, where it can be applied, and its benefits. It also addresses some of the shortcomings of both planning and semantic technologies, and how both worlds can benefit from the experiences of the other. I also present challenges in integration of the two worlds, as well as an existing software planning system (HotPlanner) that is a result of such a successful integration.

Put Your Desktop in the Cloud to Support the Open Government Directive and Data.gov/semantic


This paper describes the overall use case submitted to the Federal Cloud Computing Advisory Committee and three progressive uses cases for developing applications. This paper recommends continued work on actionable data publishing (e.g. data catalogs using RDF) of EPA and US federal government data with context, provenance, and quality information. This paper is part of the author’s Open Government Directive Plan (see http://semanticommunity.net).

What to Expect from Web 3.0 – HostReview.com (press release) (blog)


Breakthrough Analysis: Two + Nine Types of Semantic Search – Intelligent Enterprise


The Library of Congress Talks Digital Initiatives | Stacking the Tech – Library Journal


Data.gov … What impact will it have and how important is it?


I’m following yesterday’s Data.gov launch rather closely, and I assume many of the readers of Semantic Universe are doing the same.  For more details go to…no surprise…http://www.data.gov/ (!!)

This is open data/linked data going really mainstream, with the backing of the White House.  I have to believe it will be reported on and publicized much more than the average tech industry announcement.  Which is good for us in the semantic community, right? 

dod, NSF back Semantic Team Collaboration Startup collabwiki.com – PR Web (press release)


Big Data: ssd’s, R, and Linked Data Streams – O’Reilly Radar


Bringing Semantic Technologies to Enterprise Data


World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee declared the Semantic Web ‘open for business’ in 2008, celebrating the ratification of the SPARQL query specification by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C); the organisation of which he is Director. “I think we’ve got all the pieces to be able to go ahead and do pretty much everything,” he stated in an interview.

IEEE 2009 Summer School on Semantic Computing


Semantic computing is currently emerging as a new field that integrates
methods from multimedia (computer vision, speech processing), natural
language processing, Semantic Web and ontology engineering, software
engineering, and other fields with the goal of creating new applications
that intuitively connect formulated user intentions with the content of
digital data. Leading organizations such as the Semantic Technology
Institute (STI) International based in Vienna, Austria and the Institute