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Kimera Systems Wants to Create a Virtual Assistant for Your Gadgets


by Angela Guess Klint Finley of Wired reports, “With his new company, Kimera Systems, [Mounir Shita] wants to help create all sorts of internet-connected devices without help from the Googles and the Amazons, spreading the wealth to electronics makers and broadband providers instead. For consumers, who’s actually taking a cut of all these purchases might…

4 Big Data Problems Facing the Internet of Things

Hackable watch of the future!

by Angela Guess Alistair Croll of Radar recently opined, “The Internet of Things (IoT) has a data problem. Well, four data problems. Walking the halls of CES in Las Vegas last week, it’s abundantly clear that the IoT is hot. Everyone is claiming to be the world’s smartest something. But that sprawl of devices, lacking…

Will NoSQL Power the Internet of Things?


by Angela Guess Adrian Bridgewater of Computer Weekly recently wrote, “Open-source NoSQL databases such as Apache Cassandra are (and will be) key enablers of the Internet of Things. This is the view of Jonathan Ellis, CTO at DataStax, a company known for distributing a commercially supported version of the open source Apache Cassandra NoSQL Database Management System.…