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Encourage Clinical Trial Innovation through Crowdsourcing


by Steven Fuhrman Outsourcing clinical trial operations, including data collection and management, to contract research organizations (CROs) is currently a dominant strategy in the pharmaceutical industry. Utilizing a CRO can be an effective business model, as they often play the role of a one-stop shop for all areas of a research project including regulatory affairs,…

Data Refinement and Other Data Science Dirty Work


by Angela Guess Stephen H. Yu recently wrote on Inside Big Data, “Intrepid, young data scientists quickly learn the data business resembles the construction industry – where development involves an ample amount of dirty work and sweat, while the end result is clean and sleek, showing no signs of the immense building process. Most data…

Big Data is a Double-Edged Sword


by Angela Guess Daniel Riedel of Wired recently discussed the potential good and the potential harm that can be accomplished via Big Data. He writes, “The issue is that big data is a double-edged sword, and it’s razor sharp on both sides. Although it has amazing potential to improve our world, it can easily be…

Big Data is a Tool: Use It Prudently

Michael C. Daconta of GCN recently wrote, “Recent articles about Pandora’s and Netflix’s use of big data illustrate why government IT managers should not just focus on data management, data collection and even big data processing.”

Making Bridges Safer with Big Data

Bridge / 橋(はし)

by Angela Guess Manjo Bansal of SAP recently wrote an article for Forbes, stating, “South Padres Island, TX, 2001. Minneapolis, MN, 2007. Seattle, WA, 2013. Three towns in three different parts of the country, yet inextricably linked by a common type of disaster – a bridge collapse. In the Minneapolis event, 13 people died and…