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Can Design and Data Peacefully Coexist?

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by Angela Guess Phil Simon of Wired recently wrote, “Since its inception, Google hasn’t been the ideal place for design purists. After all, the company has always been all about data. Up until recently, it did not sell any tangible products. Without perhaps the world’s largest trove of information, Google’s might not even exist. One…

The Classroom of the Future

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by Angela Guess James O’Brien of Mashable recently wrote, “The days of paper textbooks seem destined to become as distant a memory as cursive handwriting. In 2014, big data is reshaping the way students receive curriculum and learn, and the tools of the new and digital classroom are changing the dynamics for educators. ‘Data is…

Playing Moneyball with Big Data Analytics


by Angela Guess Thor Olavsrud of CIO.com reports, “Data-driven decision-making is becoming central to management decisions at most enterprises. They are taking inspiration from Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team that turned to data analytics (known as Sabermetrics in baseball and made popular in the movie, ‘Moneyball’) to assemble a…