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Datameer Brings Data Governance Tools to Hadoop


by Angela Guess Writing for IT Business Edge, Mike Vizard reports, “One of the biggest inhibitors to applying Hadoop in any production environment is the general lack of governance tools for IT organizations to use to manage access permissions for the data that resides there. To address that issue, Datameer today announced it has embedded…

Infographic: How to Make More Money with Big Data


by Angela Guess Catherine Clifford recently wrote for Entrepreneur.com, “Big data is buzzy, and if you drop the phrase at a cocktail party, you will probably earn yourself some serious street cred. And rightfully so. Big data is big news these days, because it has the potential to make a pretty profound impact on the…

Datameer Raises $19M for Data Analytics Platform


by Angela Guess Alex Williams of TechCrunch reports, “The data analytics market is starting to boom. Hadoop distributions from big data companies like Cloudera have matured and are becoming more useful as they allow for better ways to perform real-time data processing by using cheap commodity hardware in clusters to spread data and then retrieve it for…