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Datasets Addition Promising Extension For Schema.Org

A call for comments is out for a proposal for a ‘Datasets’ addition to schema.org, via the W3C’s Web Schemas task force group that is used by the schema.org project to collaborate with the wider community. The proposal extending schema.org for describing datasets and data catalogs introduces three new types, with associated properties, as follows:…

Data Challenge: The Wikipedia Participation Challenge


by Angela Guess Kaggle has launched a new competition called the Wikipedia Participation Challenge. According to the challenge website, “This competition challenges data-mining experts to build a predictive model that predicts the number of edits an editor will make in the five months after the end date of the training dataset. The dataset is randomly…

Seme4 Introduces See UK

An interesting new app has emerged from Seme4: “See UK is a simple visualisation of data that has geographic aspects and has been published as machine-interpretable Linked Data.”