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Good-Bye 2013

by Jennifer Zaino As we prepare to greet the New Year, we take a look back at the year that was. Some of the leading voices in the semantic web/Linked Data/Web 3.0 and sentiment analytics space give us their thoughts on the highlights of 2013. Read on:   Phil Archer, Data Activity Lead, W3C: The…

DataSift Now Offers Historical Data Analysis Across Twitter Facebook, & More

Sarah Perez of TechCrunch reports, “Fresh on the heels of its deal with Tumblr for access to the Tumblr ‘firehose,’ social data platform DataSift is putting that data, and more, to good use with the launch of a new API that performs historical analysis across Twitter, Tumblr, and Bit.ly ‘firehoses,’ as well as data pulled from forums, blogs and public Facebook data.”

Too Little Data Privacy?

by Angela Guess Molly Wood recently opined, ” Recent weeks have seen a lot of (overdue) talk about privacy and technology. There was the flap over Path and other mobile apps uploading your phone’s address books to their servers without your permission. A follow-up story noted apps might be able to slurp up photos and their location data…

Twitter Sells Old Tweets to DataSift for Analysis


by Angela Guess Todd Wasserman reports, “Twitter has sold a bunch of old tweets to a firm called DataSift, which will analyze them for marketing purposes. The Mail Online reports that DataSift is the first such company to get access to the tweets, which go back two years. Another 1,000-plus companies are on DataSift’s waiting list. DataSift…