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Why Data Modelers Don’t Want to Automate

Reasons Why Data Modelers Don't Automate

by Karen Lopez In this month’s Heart of Data Modeling Webinar, The Best Data Modeler is a Lazy Data Modeler, I gave tips on how to get started automating the most mindless data modeling tasks.  But in preparing for my demos, my ears were ringing with thoughts of discussions I’ve had in the past with data…

Open The Door To Bringing Linked Data To Real-World Projects

by Jennifer Zaino Linked Data: Structured Data on the Web is now available in a soft-cover edition. The book, authored by David Wood, Marsha Zaidman, Luke Ruth, and Michael Hausenblas, and with a forward by Tim Berners-Lee, aims to give mainstream developers without previous experience with Linked Data practical techniques for integrating it into real-world…

Data Job of the Day: Data Exchange and Transformation B2B ETL Developer


by Angela Guess Morningstar is looking for a Data Exchange and Transformation B2B ETL Developer in Chicago, IL. The post states, “This role is responsible for designing and developing B2B data integration processes between third-party providers and Morningstar’s global operation data stores. You will work very closely with business analysts and data architects to ensure…

Singly "App Fabric" Platform Helps Developers Deeply Connect To Other Apps So Users Can Connect With All Their Data

Singly, which has as its mission connecting people more closely with their data everywhere it lives, now is opening up the beta of its development platform to help developers create the apps that can make that happen. As co-founder and CEO Jason Cavnar describes Singly’s work, “it is an app fabric product” that gives developers…

Get Your Free Sentiment Analysis API Here

  Social media intelligence and analytics provider ViralHeat is making its sentiment engine, which it claims as one of the biggest repositories of sentiment data on the market, available for free to developers as an API. The company has been building that engine in conjunction with its agency and big-brand customers (think the likes of…

Survey of Linked Data and RDF Tools for Python Developers

This resource from Michele Pasin is an excellent tool for Python developers. As Pasin puts it: “I’m reporting on a recent survey I made in the context of a Linked Data project I’m working on, SAILS. The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a data model and language which is quickly gaining momentum in the open-data and data-integration worlds.

“Liking” New Analytics Features on Facebook

Facebook has made some updates to the analytics available to companies and individuals who utilize their “like” button. The Facebook developer blog reports, “Over the past year, social plugins have become an important and growing source of traffic for millions of websites. Today we’re releasing a new version of Insights for Websites to give you better analytics on how people interact with your content and to help you optimize your website in real-time.”