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Taking Semantic Tech To The Enterprise Mobile E-Learning Crowd

Recently launched in the Apple store for iPad tablets is a free version of Epsilon, a semantically-enriched mobile e-learning app from SemantiStar, the company that was previously involved in the development of the iPad news reader app StreamGlider. (See our coverage of that product here). Epsilon, as SemantiStar CEO Bill McDaniel puts it, provides an…

Measuring Semantic Technology Adoption


Perhaps the best way to understand whether Semantic Technology has the potential to become an IT industry vertical is by measuring the demand for Semantic Technology Skills in the current job market. There is no way to predict at this point whether Semantic Technology will become associated with specific technologies (like Master Data Management) or will grow to become an integral part of all systems engineering…

What is the Potential of Semantic Technology – Part 1


Asessing and exploiting "market potential" is complicated. Every new technology must pass through this process in order to achieve adoption. Semantic technology faces an even more difficult challenge given the pervasive nature of its potential. However, we can help accelerate this process by providing real world problem solving examples of how this potential can be harnessed (both technically and from the business perspective).