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Alchemy Aims to Add More API Wizardry

Orchestr8’s NLP- and machine learning-based AlchemyAPI service for analyzing content and extracting semantic metadata has added some new capabilities. One new feature is dubbed Relation Extraction, which project engineer Shaun Roach tells the Semantic Web Blog “detects sentences describing actions, events, and facts, and then codes them into a machine-readable format.  It is a key feature…

Time for Semantic ETL?

What’s the link between the trends of more and more objects and even commercial transactions on the web being described in a machine-readable, semantic format and the endless streaming of all that data? Revenue-funded startup First Retail, whose principals Anne Jude Hunt and Simon G. Handley will be speaking at the upcoming Semantic Technology Conference…

The Spotlight’s on DBpedia

The spotlight’s on DBpedia. Literally. A new open source tool that goes by the name of DBpedia Spotlight annotates mentions of DBpedia resources in text to link unstructured information sources to the Linked Open Data cloud. The idea behind it was to ‘go generic’ so that users could download, adapt and integrate it with their own…

High Precision Entity Extraction: A U.S. State Department Case Study – SemTech 2009 Audio


Joseph C. Wicentowski, U.S. Department of State
Dan McCreary, Dan McCreary and Associates

The U.S. State Department’s Office of the Historian has embarked on an ambitious effort to migrate its diplomatic history document archive from paper to an enriched electronic media for online consumption. We have extremely high standards for semantic precision and accuracy, due to Congressional mandates, which makes this unique resource useful to a broad audience, which includes scholars, government officials, and the general public. Furthermore, the new format allows us to repurpose our content and integrate it with "mashup" applications such as timelines and geographical map views.