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Why Facebook is Investing in Artificial Intelligence


by Angela Guess Josh Constine recently wrote for TechCrunch, “What’s Facebook working on in its three AI labs? A way to understand exactly what you share so it can serve that content to people with matching interests. Today in a public Q&A on his Facebook Page, CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave a closer look at why…

Facebook Opens an Artificial Intelligence Lab in France


by Angela Guess Matt Weinberger reports for Business Insider, “Facebook has opened an artificial intelligence laboratory in Paris, France — its third — as the race is on to build smarter machines that can make better sense of our huge amounts of data. Back in March, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer identified artificial intelligence as one…

IBM and Facebook Launch a Big Data Partnership


by Angela Guess Aaron Pressman recently wrote for Yahoo! Finance, “As retailers increasingly turn to IBM for data analysis to help boost their marketing efforts, IBM is turning to a leading source of information about retailers’ customers for that data: Facebook. It’s a natural fit between two partners who don’t compete directly. Under the deal…

Facebook’s New Artificial Intelligence Software Can Read Text and Answer Questions About It


by Angela Guess Rachel Metz recently wrote in the MIT Technology Review, “Facebook is working on artificial intelligence software that can process text and then answer questions about it. The effort could eventually lead to anything from better search on Facebook itself to more accurate and useful personal assistant software. The social network’s chief technology…

Facebook Open Sources AI Tools, Increasing Access to Deep Learning


by Angela Guess Larry Dignan of ZDnet reports, “Facebook on Friday said it will open source deep learning modules for the Torch artificial intelligence project in a move that could speed up technology and make it more accessible to developers and ultimately companies. The social networking giant has a long open source contribution history and…

Facebook Acquires NLP Startup Wit.ai

Matt Southern of Search Engine Journal reports, “Wit.ai, a Y combinator startup founded 18 months ago, has been acquired by Facebook with the intent for the company to help the social network create an API for building voice-controlled interfaces.”

2014 Year In Review: Thanks For The Good Times, Part 2

by Jennifer Zaino Today we continue our look back at the best of times for The Semantic Web and related fields in 2014 (see here for our first story in this series): Ian Hersey, Saffron Chief Product Officer: Cognitive Computing in 2014 has certainly captured a lot of buzz, thanks in part to IBM’s strong…