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Quandl Brings Intelligent Search To Numerical Data

Quandl is a relatively recent service that essentially functions as an intelligent search engine for numerical data, having indexed close to seven million time-series datasets from over 400 sources. You may have heard of the numerical data search engine service under its previous name, Wikiposit. In that incarnation and this, what it’s about, says product…

Bridging the gap: How Semantic Web can move into the mainstream through SXSW


Personally, I believe that the Semantic Web will become mainstream in the next few years (I actually have a bet on this with some college friends). I know that this is a strong statement, but I am confident that it will happen. Mainstream is defined in Wikipedia as “the common current of thought of the majority”. Furthermore it states that something is mainstream if it “is available to the general public” and it “has ties to corporate or commercial entities. However, how do you evaluate if something is on the verge of becoming mainstream? I propose the following metric:  inclusion at the South by South West (SXSW) Conference!