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NoSQL Job of the Day: Recommendations Infrastructure Engineer


by Angela Guess Flipboard is looking for a Recommendations Infrastructure Engineer in Palo Alto, CA. The post states, “We need a great software engineer to work with us on scaling and developing our systems. On a day to day basis, you’d be working with Hive, HBase, Storm, Kafka, ElasticSearch and similar software on top of…

We Come Not To Bury Steve, But To Celebrate Him

You’ve probably read a couple of hundred remembrances and memorials to Steve Jobs in the last day. Don’t worry – this little blog isn’t going to rehash each of his amazing achievements. Rather, perhaps the sad news of his passing might provide an opportunity to reflect on what it means to innovate, and what it…

Exploring the Options for Social Content Aggregation

An article from ThreeMinds takes a look at the future of social content aggregation and discusses the approach that ThreeMinds has chosen to explore with their app, BroadFeed. The article states, “One way to view intelligent content is by how, as it moves from source to user, it becomes integrated into an application, correlated and aggregated with other content, augmented with richer information and metadata and then filtered for delivery. The smarter we can make each layer, the richer the experience and navigation we can provide to the user.”