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Can Big Data Feed a Hungry Planet?

Tea farm

by Angela Guess John Roach of NBC News recently wrote, “With a population set to hit 9 billion human beings by 2050, the world needs to grow more food —without cutting down forests and jungles, which are the climate’s huge lungs. The solution, according to one soil management scientist, is Big Data. Kenneth Cassman, an…

Why Australia Moved Its Food Data to the Cloud

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by Angela Guess Hamish Barwick of CIO.com reports, “Legacy storage infrastructure was holding the Department of Agriculture and Food in Western Australia (DAFWA) back from new IT projects until it began a $3.6 million storage upgrade in mid-2013. The agency provides information services to food producers and manufacturers in the state, as well as marketing agricultural…

Big Data at Food Genius


by Angela Guess Danielle Gould of Forbes recently discussed how Food Genius is using Big Data. She writes, “Food Genius entered the crowded market of dish recommendation apps last year, using big data to revolutionize the way people discover restaurants and dishes. At the time, the startup’s focus was on getting (scraping) as much menu-level data as…