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Cortana Enhances Predictive Capabilities

Jason Mick recently blogged, “While iOS 8 should make Apple, Inc.’s (AAPL) Siri substantially smarter, Microsoft Corp.’s (MSFT) Windows Phone voice-controlled assistant Cortana currently enjoys a nice lead in natural language processing and the ability to interface with multiple apps to perform useful functions. Cortana is a commercial product, but it’s also a bit of…

Machine Learning and the NFL

Derrick Harris of GigaOM reports, “When it comes to using data to determine how to build a team or manage a game, the National Football League appears years behind its professional sports brethren.”

Sports and Predictive Analytics

Adidas Tango Ball

by Angela Guess Gareth Morgan of Search Data Management recently discussed the application of Big Data analytics to sports. He writes, “Here’s a safe sporting bet: take any roomful of fans of, say, cricket or baseball, and you can guarantee that there will be at least one person there with an encyclopedic knowledge of the…