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WibiData Develops First Commercial Experiment Framework for Rapid Optimization of Machine Learning in Hadoop


by Angela Guess A new article out of the company reports, “WibiData, a leader in personalization software, today announced Experiments by Wibi, the first commercial experiment framework to capitalize on the processing power enabled by machine learning in Hadoop. Experiments by Wibi reduces the time to modify and implement personalization models from months to minutes,…

How to Effectively Kick-Off a Data Governance Program

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by Angela Guess Janani Dumbleton of Computing recently wrote, “Data governance – the process of planning, monitoring and enforcing the management of data assets – is a key component of long-term data quality (and, therefore, long-term organisational success). It helps to ensure that data is captured accurately and that this accuracy is maintained, no matter…

New Report on Shoring Up Data Governance

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by Angela Guess Michael Shashoua of Waters Technology recently wrote, “Data governance efforts can backslide into becoming more about documentation and cost savings, but to be effective, they must be firmly anchored in communication between the business and technology departments of firms trying to implement them, as participants in the Virtual Roundtable and Q&A features…

AHIMA Releases Framework for Healthcare Data Governance


by Angela Guess Susan D. Hall of Fierce Health IT reports, “AHIMA has released a framework for healthcare information governance at its annual convention in San Diego, calling for commitment to managing information as a strategic asset. It’s part of AHIMA’s ongoing effort to stress the importance of information governance, which it called an “undeniable…

4 Guiding Principles of a Solid Data Governance Framework

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by Angela Guess Marc J. Firenze of Wall Street and Technology recently wrote, “Data governance seems to be an issue with which many firms in all sectors are locked in a perpetual struggle. Even when C-level executives pay close attention to how their data is managed, the struggle continues. Despite a swath of regulation addressing the…

Mesosphere Introduces Marathon, an Open-Source Framework

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by Angela Guess According to a new article of the company, “Mesosphere, Inc., earlier this week introduced Marathon, an open source framework based on Mesos for long-running services. An example long-running service would be a web app or mobile API based on Ruby on Rails. By running services on the same cluster as Big Data…

GraphLab Raises $6.75M to Build 'Hadoop for Graphs'

Robin Wauters of The Next Web reports, “Seattle startup GraphLab claims it is building the ‘fastest machine-learning analytics engine for graph datasets’, based on the popular open-source distributed graph computation framework with the same name, and it has just raised capital to come through on its promise.”

Data Governance and Architecture


by Angela Guess Rob Karel of Informatica has written an article regarding the architectural scope of Data Governance. He begins, “It’s important to note that I didn’t title this post ‘Implementing a Data Governance Architecture’. Data governance is not a technology space, tool – or architecture.  As our data governance framework illustrates, tools and architecture represents but…

A Framework for Big Data Governance


by Angela Guess Sunil Soares of IBM Business Magazine recently laid out a framework for Big Data Governance. He writes, “Big data governance is part of a broader information governance program that formulates policy relating to the optimization, privacy, and monetization of big data by aligning the objectives of multiple functions. However, big data governance…