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What France’s First CDO is Doing to Improve Open Data and Data Governance


by Angela Guess Marine Gossa of the London School of Economics recently wrote, “Working under the Prime Minister’s direct orders and within the Ministry for Public Action Modernization, [France’s Chief Data Officer Henri] Verdier has two main challenges to face in coordinating public data collection and use: enhancing the State’s accountability (open data) and efficiency…

Taxing Data Mining?

Jacob Albert of Quartz reports, “The French government is thinking about taxing the collection of personal data by Internet companies, according to a report put out Jan. 18.”

Closing In On A Million Open Government Data Sets

A million data sets. That’s the number of government data sets out there on the web that we have closed in on. “The question is, when you have that many, how do you search for them, find them, coordinate activity between governments, bring in NGOs,” says James A. Hendler, Tetherless World Senior Constellation Professor, Department…

Discovering French Monuments, With the Help of the Semantic Web

An app to discover 44,000 French monuments. Completed in four days. By one person. Without coding.   Head over to this demo from Antidot, publisher of Information Factory and Antidot Finder Suite software, and you can see the search mash-up it says was created by simply assembling existing components using its technology. Information Factory handled…

Jobs in Semantics Abroad and at Home

Datalift, the new research project we recently reported on out of France, is looking for, as they put it, a data geek. The actual job title is Scientific Developer: “The position, offered in the context of the Datalift project, is opened to a candidate having knowledge of the French language and owning a Master’s degree in computer science. The position is for three years. The job will consist of various data manipulation and programming tasks around the topic of linked-data publication, vocabulary and ontology design, data interlinking, and linked-data infrastructures. Newbies to the linked-data world are welcome as soon as they have significant experience in Web engineering, data cleansing, databases.”

French Project Datalift Seeks to Interlink Data

A new research project out of France known as Datalift seeks to bring “raw structured data coming from various formats (relational databases, CSV, XML, … ) to semantic data interlinked on the Web of Data.” The project will be fully funded by the French national research agency for the next three years.