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NoSQL is the Future: More NoSQL Applications Emerging


by Angela Guess Phil Wainewright of Diginomica reports, “Billy Bosworth, CEO of DataStax, took his audience on a trip down memory lane as he opened last month’s Cassandra Summit in London. He recalled that his career choice as a computer science major in 1992 had been between skilling up for the IMS database running on…

Data.gov Turns Five

Nextgov reports, “When government technology leaders first described a public repository for government data sets more than five years ago, the vision wasn’t totally clear.”

Semantic Tech’s Role in Travel in 2024

Amy Plitt of the Daily Traveler reports, “Travel-booking website Skyscanner partnered with 56 experts, including researchers from Google and Microsoft, as well as UK consulting firm The Future Laboratory, to determine what the future of travel might look like.”

Big Data Set to Take Over Medicine

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by Angela Guess Jacqueline Vanacek of Forbes recently opined, “In ten years, eighty percent of the work people do in medicine will be replaced by technology.  And medicine will not look anything like what it does today. Those stunning possibilities were shared by Dr. John Mattison, Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO) of Kaiser Permanente and Panelist at DatumFora’s DATA…