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Predicting Crime with Big Data


by Angela Guess Mark Gibbs of Network World recently wrote, “Crime has patterns just like everything else humans do when we’re viewed as a large enough group. Thus, while individual behavior can be hard to predict, determining the average behavior of a population and then matching individuals to that template to determine “fit” can be…

NASA Moves to the Cloud

Kathleen Hickey of GCN.com reports, “NASA’s OpenNEX is one of the latest federal research projects moving to the cloud to improve collaboration with the academic, public and private sectors.”

Saving the Planet with Big Data


by Angela Guess A recent article takes a look at a few companies that are leveraging Big Data to help the planet in one way or another. The first company is OPower: “Last week energy data startup OPower said its software and big data tools will be able to help save one terawatt hour worth…