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Stop SOPA Protest Gets Underway With DBpedia.org On Board

Editor’s Update Jan. 19: DBpedia, Wikipedia and company are all back online, while some lawmakers have taken their support for SOPA and PIPA offline. Republican Senators Roy Blunt and Marco Rubio have withdrawn their support for the Protect IP Act, and Representative Lee Terry (R-Neb.), an original co-sponsor of SOPA, also has asked to have…

We Come Not To Bury Steve, But To Celebrate Him

You’ve probably read a couple of hundred remembrances and memorials to Steve Jobs in the last day. Don’t worry – this little blog isn’t going to rehash each of his amazing achievements. Rather, perhaps the sad news of his passing might provide an opportunity to reflect on what it means to innovate, and what it…

Improving Government with NIEM

A new article from Government Computer News examines the developing role of semantics in government IT, particularly through “a practical-minded government project called the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM).”

Phase2’s OpenPublic Goes Public

Phase2 – a company that has been in our headlines recently – yesterday announced the public demo and beta release of OpenPublic, “a Drupal platform that enables government to publish content and engage constituents more easily and securely online.”

Drupal is the Content Management System of Choice in DC

We recently reported on semantic technology’s potential role in national security. A new article shows progress on the front of semantic technology in government, but there are still some roadblocks. As the article puts it, “Using open source software in the federal government is challenging, but the problem is not due to the technology. The problem lies with old procurement models and regulations that are better suited for buying file cabinets and missiles than negotiating licenses for ‘free’ open source software.”

Creating the Public Data Corporation One Step at a Time

Back in January the United Kingdom announced plans to create a Public Data Corporation. According to the project’s website, “the Government confirmed it was looking to ‘open up opportunities for innovative developers, businesses and members of the public to generate social and economic growth through the use of data.’ The new concept… will be a global first and will help make government-held data much easier to access and use.”

Securing the Nation with Semantic Technology

Last year we reported on semantic technology’s future in national intelligence. A new article points to semantic web technology as the future key to finding and eliminating new terror threats. Brooke Aker, author of the article, comments, “As a former intelligence analyst, I know the frustration of lacking both complete information and computer systems capable of aiding the analysis process.”