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The FDA, Big Data, and Cutting Administrative Complexity


by Angela Guess Forbes contributor Bill Frist recently wrote, “In looking at the $2.8 trillion a year—20% of our Gross Domestic Product—that our nation spends on healthcare, we see that about $900 billion of that is waste and $248 billion can be attributed to administrative complexity. This costly complexity stems from the ACA, insurance regulations,…

Taking the Guess Work Out of Healthcare with Big Data

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by Angela Guess Triska Hamid of The National recently wrote, “Medical diagnosis is mostly a process of elimination, as many doctors would be quick to point out. But that is beginning to change with the introduction of Big Data and analysis in health care. The tried and tested process of elimination, which can be time…

Enlitic is Teaching Computers to Detect Cancer

Caleb Garling of the MIT Technology Review reports, “Machines are doing more and more of the work typically completed by humans, and detecting diseases may be next: a new company called Enlitic takes aim at the examination room by employing computers to make diagnoses based on images.”

How Small Startups Are Monetizing Big Data


by Angela Guess Brian T. Horowitz of Dell’s blog, Tech Page One recently wrote, “Startups have plenty of opportunities to use big data to make money, and small businesses are trying to keep pace with larger enterprises in this space. Startups leveraging big data include PlaceIQ, which offers a data-driven mobile advertising platform to identify…

Lack of Data Governance Hurting Healthcare Meaningful Use Efforts

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by Angela Guess Jennifer Bresnick of EHRIntelligence.com reports, “Only 60% of healthcare organizations have a formalized EHR governance policy in place, says a new report from HIMSS Analytics, and just 63% of those organizations include a multi-disciplinary advisory board or committee to monitor, suggest, and approve changes to the data governance strategy. As providers are tasked with…

Data Governance & Executive Buy-In Key to Successful Health IT


by Angela Guess Jennifer Bresnick of EHR Intelligence recently interviewed Shane Pilcher, VP of Stoltenberg Consulting about the importance of data governance and executive buy-in to obtain valuable data analytics in the health care industry. Though the conversation focuses on HIT, Pilcher’s words can easily be translated to other industries plagued with data management issues. Asked…

Optum is Using Big Data to Answer Healthcare’s Toughest Questions


by Angela Guess Stephanie Baum of MedCityNews recently wrote, “One year after UnitedHealth Group  and subsidiary Optum opened Optum Labs as a collaborative research and development organization across life science and healthcare to improve patient care, it has added seven collaboration partners who will tap resources like a database of claims and electronic health record data from founding partner…

Making Health Care Safer with Master Data Management

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by Angela Guess Rado Kotorov of Business 2 Community recently wrote, “We’ve all heard those hospital mix-up horror stories: a wrong diagnosis due to an incomplete patient profile, a drug interaction because prescriptions weren’t checked against patient records, etc. Problems like these arise when records aren’t fully updated, referenced or properly matched to patients, and they…