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Ray Kurzweil Predicts Our Brains Will be Internet Connected Within 15 Years

human brain on white background

by Angela Guess Anthony Cuthbertson recently wrote for the International Business Times, “Artificial intelligence pioneer Ray Kurzweil has predicted that within 15 years technology will exist that will allow human brains to be connected directly to the internet. Speaking at the Exponential Finance conference in New York on Wednesday (3 June), Kurzweil hypothesised that nanobots…

Do Deep Learning Algorithms Actually Mimic the Human Brain?


by Angela Guess Derrick Harris of GigaOM recently wrote, “As deep learning continues gathering steam among researchers, entrepreneurs and the press, there’s a loud-and-getting-louder debate about whether its algorithms actually operate like the human brain does. The comparison might not make much of a difference to developers who just want to build applications that can…