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Alta Plana Takes The Pulse Of Text Analytics

by Jennifer Zaino Seth Grimes, president and principal consultant of Alta Plana Corp. and founding chair of the Sentiment Analysis Symposium, has put together a thorough new report, Text Analytics 2014: User Perspectives on Solutions and Providers. Among the interesting findings of the report is that “growth in text analytics, as a vendor market category,…

Big Data As a Tiger to be Tamed


by Angela Guess Jack Vaughan of Search Data Management recently wrote, “Data in greater volume, velocity and variety has some business leaders riding a big data analytics tiger in search of new commercial opportunities. Now, several years into the big data era, some taming of the tiger seems to be in order. That’s according to several data professionals…

Edamam's Semantic Smarts Help Serve Up Dinner Plans

Edamam wants to be the one place where all the food knowledge of the world is organized. That’s the goal of co-founder and CEO Victor Penev, who launched the site in April, and recently updated the several hundred major recipe sites in its knowledge base to also include some smaller blog sites that add additional…

The Semantification of Chemistry


Executive Summary

Chemistry is a central science and the data produced as a consequence is immense. However, much of this data is which makes data integration difficult. In this article, we demonstrate how chemical data can be retrieved from reports, scientific theses and papers or patents and discuss how these sources can be processed using natural language processing techniques and named-entity recognisers to produce chemical data and knowledge expressed in RDF.