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Intelligent Healthcare part 4 – Process Management & Modeling


In our last post on Intelligent Healthcare, we talked a bit about Electronic Healthcare Record systems. EHR/EMR technology is an important piece of the larger set of clinical systems as it represents a patient centric organizational framework. However; EHRs are only part of a larger picture. One area that is particularly promising for the application of Semantic technology to healthcare is process management. When we discuss process management in this context, we’re not talking about traditional process management software solutions. Healthcare process management is in a sense a formalization of (medical) practice approaches that for the most part aren’t automated and in many cases likely never can be fully automated.

Intelligent Healthcare Part 3 – Understanding Electronic Health Records


Much if not all of the discussion over the past two years in regards to Healthcare Modernization has revolved around the deployment of Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. Monies were budgeted to EHR adoption in last year’s Stimulus package and more monies will be allocated towards EHR adoption as a result of the recent Healthcare Reform package. So what does this all mean in regards to Intelligent Healthcare and the application of Semantic technology? First we’ll need to take a closer look at EHRs. 

Intelligent Healthcare Part 2 – The Standards Dilemma


In part 1, we established that the primary focus for most Healthcare related IT initiatives is data interoperability. This is a requirement that lends itself to being solved using Semantic Technology. However, the industry is now involved in dozens of XML-based formal standards definition efforts. The standards-based approach (without mediation or mitgation by semantic technology) has lead to more expense and complexity…

Science & Semantic Technology


Science has always been dependent on Semantics; Semantics provide the structure for knowledge organization as well as providing the foundation for reasoning processes. Semantic Technology is poised to facilitate the next generation of Scientific Methodology and knowledge exploitation.

Intelligent Healthcare – Part 1


Data interoperability represents one of the most complex challenges facing the Healthcare industry today. The promise of improved efficiencies, quality and performance through information systems automation of Healthcare practices remains elusive despite decades of effort and billions of dollars invested. As more healthcare information systems are adopted, the expectations for data exchange and interoperability increase.