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IBM Brings Watson to Japan


by Angela Guess According to a new article out of the company, “IBM and SoftBank Telecom Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of SoftBank Corp today announced a landmark global alliance to bring Watson to Japan, one of the world’s largest economies and technology markets. The alliance, which involves training Watson to understand Japanese, represents a…

Japan Set to Send Kirobo, the Talking Robot, to Space

Miriam Kramer of SPACE.com reports, “A small talking robot built in Japan is about to take one giant leap into space. Kirobo — a humanoid ‘robot astronaut’ that can converse with humans in space and on the ground — is scheduled for launch to the International Space Station on Aug. 4.”

Catalyst Names David Sannar VP of International Development in Asia


by Angela Guess A recent article reports, “Catalyst Repository Systems, Inc., a pioneer in cloud-based discovery platforms for global e-discovery and other complex legal matters, today announced it has named e-discovery business development veteran David Sannar as its new Managing Director of Catalyst Japan LLC and Vice President of International Development in Asia. In this…

Catalyst Expands Japanese Presence With New Office in Tokyo


by Angela Guess According to a recent article out of the company, “Catalyst Repository Systems, Inc. (www.catalystsecure.com), a pioneer in providing cloud-based technology platforms for global compliance and litigation matters, announced an expanded Japanese presence with the opening of its new office in Tokyo. Catalyst has relocated to larger premises in central Tokyo, close to many…

Siri's Going To Japan And Possibly Flirting With the iPad

Siri’s coming to Japan, but not to Apple TV. And, in a limited way, it may have made its way into the iPad, too. Previous to the Apple event today, there had been speculation that an Apple iTV would be unveiled that reportedly would integrate Siri semantic-enabled voice technology into TV sets for viewers to…

Data Management: Lessons from Japan

by Angela Guess April Reeve recently shared what she learned about data management during a trip to Japan for the DAMA Japan Conference. Reeve writes, “One thing I learned during the conference was how they were using the ‘three R’s’ concept: ‘reuse, recycle, and reduce’ concerning Data Management and adding a fourth ‘R’ for ‘respect’.…

Introducing RIKEN

According to a recent article, “A new lightweight web service interface for accessing massive amounts of life science research data across multiple public and private domains has been developed by researchers at RIKEN, Japan’s flagship research institute.”

Improving Lives with Open Data

A new article from the New York Times discusses the multitude of improvements that transparent data can have on our everyday lives: “Governments have learned a cheap new way to improve people’s lives. Here is the basic recipe: Take data that you and I have already paid a government agency to collect, and post it online in a way that computer programmers can easily use. Then wait a few months. Voilà! The private sector gets busy, creating Web sites and smartphone apps that reformat the information in ways that are helpful to consumers, workers and companies.”